Why restore?

Losing control of your claims? We can help.

The last thing you want at claim time is escalating damage, long delays, rising costs… and angry customers. Faster detection and intervention create better outcomes for you and your customers, avoiding the significant cost and time implications of replacement.

Stop damage in its tracks to ensure faster, better claim outcomes.
  • Fast intervention minimises damage, leading to lower costs of restoration and repair
  • Access to technology and claim analytics from site leads to smarter, faster decisions that can significantly reduce damage, particularly for water and mould claims
  • Unlike some other peril types, costs for water and mould damage grow exponentially the longer the damage is left untreated


Save thousands on indemnity costs including:
  • Repair: fast intervention minimises damage and therefore the subsequent repair costs
  • Replacement: aside from the purchase costs, waiting for shipping and delivery of replacement items causes longer lifecycles and escalating accommodation and BI costs
  • Accommodation: getting the customer back to their premises faster reduces accommodation and associated costs
  • Business interruption: the flow-on costs of BI claims can be astronomical the longer any equipment or premises are out of action


Keep customers happy by getting their lives back to normal much faster and rescuing their valuable belongings.
  • Some things simply can’t be replaced – we rescue their irreplaceable items
  • Getting back to normal faster creates a better customer experience and less customer churn



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Fire & smoke damage
Storm & CAT response
Industrial machinery
Malicious damage
Drug labs

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