Better technology.

Our technology puts the information in your hands earlier, to make the right decisions faster from site.


  Live video collaboration

We’ve integrated our live video collaboration platform, Livegenic, into our workflow to provide fast, clear and accurate evidence of damage from site.

  • Live video & photo streaming and collaboration from site allows for faster visual reporting, documentation and evaluation of damage
  • Immediate loss and damage capture straight into your platforms for policy validation and response/assignment
  • Access to recorded video and photo libraries gives richer and more accurate documentation of damage/triage data, proof of damage and proof of delivery – ultimately reducing the risk of contested claims
  • Real-time assignment management and maps integration gets restotechs to site faster for rapid intervention
  • Enhanced scope and direction for restotechs ensures faster and better quality work
  • 7 years secure cloud-based storage of all content reduces risks associated with compliance and contested claims
  • Digital signatures, online excess payments and document reporting & uploading reduce bottlenecks to ensure admin tasks are completed faster
  • QA and proof of delivery – providing more transparency, quality and compliance


  Claim workflow management

Our claim workflow management platform provides easier, faster communication from start to finish to avoid bottlenecks and delays.

  • Claim lifecycle tracking from end to end provides complete transparency to manage claim progress, action off-track claims and manage supplier deliverables
  • Task management to track and report specific tasks and stages against timeframes and KPI’s, to minimise the risk of off-track claims
  • Data and reporting of claim progress keeps everyone up to date throughout the claim


  Bots integration

Our bots are integrated into our workflow to automatically handle repeatable, basic admin tasks – freeing up our team to interact and support customers throughout their claim.




Escape of liquid
Fire & smoke damage
Storm & CAT response
Industrial machinery
Malicious damage
Drug labs

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