Data-driven supply panel.

Data-driven supply chain excellence you can trust. The best internal people working with the best restotechs Australia-wide drives outstanding performance and results – meaning less admin time and supplier management for you.
  • 100+ restotech suppliers with Australia-wide coverage
  • Specialists in all restoration peril types – a one-stop-shop for all restoration needs
  • Complete transparency and accountability across the entire supply panel
  • Performance-based allocation driven by claim analytics – ensures high performance, better outcomes, fewer complaints and fewer re-opened claims
  • Robust compliance, vetting and management process removes any financial, reputational or compliance risk for clients
  • Supplier alignment process aligns KPI’s of suppliers with client goals and metrics for job acceptance, customer contact, initial site attendance and initial report
  • Scope validation tool defines scope rules to ensure suppliers deliver value for money – avoiding inflated costs through greater transparency
  • Trade allocation matrix select the best trade for the job based on performance, geo location, type of claim, capacity – not just how fast they can get there



Escape of liquid
Fire & smoke damage
Storm & CAT response
Industrial machinery
Malicious damage
Drug labs

5 tips to beat the water clock.