Mitigation services.

Any time. Any place. We’re ready. Claims are won or lost in the first 72 hours, so early detection and intervention is crucial to minimise damage and ensure a fast and successful claim.
  • We’re hyper-responsive to minimise damage and avoid escalating repair & restoration costs, particularly for EOL claims
  • Faster, data-driven decisions from site thanks to live video collaboration technology and predictive claim analytics
  • Our live video collaboration technology allows for:
    • Immediate loss and damage capture into policy validation and assignment to restotechs
    • Same day submission to insurer
    • More accurate reporting
  • Better customer experience through faster response:
    • Same day customer contact
    • Ensure safety and minimise risk to customers
    • Rescue beloved and irreplaceable personal items
    • Back to occupation faster
  • Better communication ensures all stakeholders know what’s happening at all times
  • Specialist restotech network with deep experience ensures more streamlined claims and less admin time for all stakeholders


Services we provide

  • 24/7 emergency response (catastrophe, storm and BAU claims)
  • Prevention of further loss
  • Risk and damage mitigation to people and property
  • Live video and data from site
  • Water extraction


Escape of liquid
Fire & smoke damage
Storm & CAT response
Industrial machinery
Malicious damage
Drug labs

5 tips to beat the water clock.