People & processes.

Whether it’s saving your customers’ irreplaceable items, or simply getting their lives back to normal faster, our people aim to make their tomorrow better.
  • Optimal mix of highly experienced people with deep industry understanding, with fresh new faces
  • Our highly-engaged team are driven by helping others in need, and we empower them to make the right decisions for a successful claim outcome
  • IICRC certified
  • Highly sophisticated lifecycle management process to identify claim stages that typically break or fail, and automate tasks and reminders to proactively address them before they happen
  • Account management process proactively schedules routine meetings and reporting to ensure all stakeholders have a clear understanding of performance to address any potential issues proactively – ensuring complete transparency and accountability
  • Supplier alignment process aligns KPI’s of restotech suppliers with client goals and metrics for job acceptance, customer contact, initial site attendance and initial report



Escape of liquid
Fire & smoke damage
Storm & CAT response
Industrial machinery
Malicious damage
Drug labs

5 tips to beat the water clock.