As an insurance professional, you always look for a reliable, experienced, and professional restoration company to recommend to your clients. That’s why you must understand what makes Helio Restoration different from other companies in Australia.

We offer fast response times, effective remediation processes backed by technology and superior customer care – ensuring customers get the desired results with minimal disruption caused by unforeseen events. With these features combined under our belt, it’s no wonder we are a top choice for businesses and homes when disaster strikes.

Unlocking the future of restoration with Helio Restoration

How Helio Restoration uses technology to provide top-quality services.

At Helio Restoration, we strive to provide the highest quality services enabled by cutting-edge technology. By leveraging a comprehensive ecosystem of data and advanced tools like live video collaboration and bots integration, our clients benefit from cost efficiencies. At the same time, your customers experience premier customer service throughout their restoration process.

Unlocking the future of restoration with Helio Restoration.

Speed is what drives cost reduction and better customer experience. We help you reduce indemnity costs and retain customers through faster detection and intervention to minimise damage.

When your customers face damage to their property, they face more than just damage. Their lives are disrupted, and their routine is shaken. Our team are trained to assist and guide your customers in these challenging times, and our field staff is equipped with technology and processes to resolve the damage quickly. Our technology allows us to “be onsite” in any conditions and puts the information in your hands earlier, to make the right decisions faster.

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