When disaster strikes, the priority is to mitigate and minimise the damage to your customer’s property through early detection and intervention – and then restore the damaged property or contents back to their pre-loss condition.

You might think that the damage is too severe to be restored but, when done by experts, the restoration process can result in structure and contents being returned to their previous condition, if not better.

What is restoration

We restore structure and contents to pre-loss condition ASAP to ensure lower indemnity costs, faster claims, and happier customers. The quality of our response leads to less admin time, fewer customer complaints and fewer re-opened claims.

Very often, restoring structure and contents can be less expensive than replacing, saving on indemnity costs of repair, replacement, temporary accommodation, and business interruption.

Our highly experienced and trained restotechs will be able to determine what is restorable and what is not.

Find out more about our restoration services here.

Do you have any questions?

Helio Restoration will be exhibiting at the upcoming NIBA/Underwriting Agencies of Australia exhibition in Norwest Sydney on Wednesday, 10th August 2022. Come and visit us on the day to speak directly with our team.


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