The restoration industry is in constant evolution and with that comes the need for innovative technology solutions. There are instances in which physical assessments are not an option (as seen during catastrophe events) and the industry players must have the right technology to handle these situations effectively and efficiently.

Helio Restoration knows this well and that is why we have integrated live video & photo streaming into our offering. Brokers and other stakeholders should familiarise themselves with the benefits of using technology during the restoration process, so they can make the right decision for their clients.

The importance of live video and photo streaming for restoration

What type of technology does Helio Restoration use?

Among other platforms, Helio leverages its live video and photo streaming collaboration platform, Livegenic, to provide fast, clear, and accurate evidence of damage from site. The platform offers virtual inspections and advanced inspection management tools for our field teams so we can easily access any site in any condition.

How does live video collaboration bring value to you?

Our technology puts the information in your hands earlier, to make the right decisions faster from site. Our mission, and yours, is to get customers’ lives back to normal as quickly as possible through faster detection and intervention.

Our live video collaboration technology allows us to:

  • Increase accuracy of risk assessment through virtual assessment of site conditions
  • Immediate loss and damage capture straight into your platforms for policy validation and response/assignment
  • Speed up the restoration process by enabling immediate access to the damaged site
  • Decrease costs associated with travelling to site, allowing the inspectors’ time to be fully utilised
  • Ensure business continuity, with no interruptions caused by events like Covid-19 or catastrophe events
  • Maintain compliance and address areas of risk to prevent further losses
  • Securely access critical information from multiple locations, including remotely
  • Reduce litigation risks through photo/video evidence of risk condition and the possibility to access stored information for 7 years
  • Improve customer retention through minimisation of disputes
  • QA and proof of delivery – providing more transparency, quality, and compliance

Do you have any questions?

Helio Restoration will be exhibiting at the upcoming NIBA/Underwriting Agencies of Australia exhibition in Brisbane on Wednesday, 13th July 2022. Come and visit us on the day to speak directly with our team.



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