Australia is known for natural disasters like bushfires, floods, storms, and cyclones. These severe weather events can devastate properties, businesses, and communities.

In these perils, speed is crucial in the process of recovering damages. Having an integrated restoration ecosystem ready to assist you with repairers and builders is essential. Underpinned by a live video collaboration can also make a difference for loss adjusters when it comes to accessing information quickly.

For adjusters and insurers, knowing that Helio Restoration can assist you with capacity in all aspects of a loss is an immense value add for the policyholder during an incredibly stressful time.

Integration with repairers

Helio Restoration integrates seamlessly with repairers to create a turnkey solution that provides complete accountability and management from FNOL to completion. With over 17 years of working closely with repairers, we know the importance of a flexible and scalable solution, especially during catastrophe (CAT) events.

Integration with live video collaboration

The use of technology in claim handling is imperative. Our live video collaboration platform allows us to access sites faster, and easily transfer visual reports, documentation, and damage evaluation in minutes. This, plus dozens of other benefits, are now at your fingertip.

Having the right experts during a CAT is non-negotiable. Certain losses call for trained and qualified restotechs. If you don’t choose your restoration partner wisely, you will prolong the claim lifecycle, escalating the damage.

Why wait for a disaster to strike? Instead, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.



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