Insurers always look for new ways to reduce risk and better serve their customers. One way they’re doing this is by expanding their coverage for restoration trades.

There has been a recent boom in the restoration sector in Australia as consumers become increasingly interested . However, a big challenge for insurers is providing coverage for this growing industry.


Our Australia-wide coverage

We pride ourselves on having the best internal people working with the best restotech’s Australia-wide. This includes having a national coverage comprising 100 plus restotech’s all over the country to serve our clients and their customers regardless of where they are.

Our restotech’s are diverse and capable of performing on any work, specialists in all restoration peril types. Helio is a one-stop shop for all your restoration needs. In addition, our restotech’s are put through robust compliance, vetting and management process that removes any financial, reputational or compliance risk for our clients.

Strategic supplier alignment process

Our Australia-wide restoration supply chain is strategically aligned to  processes and the compliance we promise to our clients. We align our restotech’s with KPIs for client goals and metrics for job acceptance, customer contact, initial site attendance and initial report.

We also implement our scope validation tool to ensure suppliers deliver value for money – avoiding inflated costs through greater transparency.

Trade allocation matrix

Helio enables a specialised trade allocation matrix to select the best trade for the job based on performance, geographical location, type of claim and capacity. Not just how fast they can get there and get it done.

We have collected the essential factors of a restoration claim and narrowed them down on how we select the best restotech for a job.

We are excited to offer our restoration services Australia-wide and help tradespeople restore property quickly, efficiently and safely. Please find out more about our restoration services here or get in touch with us today to discuss your specific needs. Our team is standing by to help you get the most from your restoration project.

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