In insurance claims, there’s a game-changing concept that can make all the difference—initial attendance. Helio Restoration is your go-to partner, revolutionising restoration with this core focus that can transform claims outcomes.

The power of initial attendance

Initial attendance isn’t just a phrase; it’s the heart and soul of our approach. We understand that every moment counts in the face of disasters like water damage. Taking swift action is more than just an advantage. It’s the key to preventing damage from spiralling out of control and, often, stopping it in its tracks. It’s the foundation for building successful restorations, saving time and money.

Our exceptional team

Behind our success stands an exceptional team—seasoned experts with deep industry knowledge and innovative minds. Driven by a shared commitment to assist those in need, they empower themselves to make the right decisions for a favourable claim outcome. With IICRC certification, they’re your trusted experts in tackling any restoration challenge.

Innovation at its best

Helio Restoration caters to your unique needs, offering residential and commercial restoration services. But what truly sets us apart is our cutting-edge use of live video collaboration technology. This innovation ensures rapid response times and efficient decision-making during the critical initial attendance phase. It’s a game-changer that saves precious time and resources.
When you partner with us, you’re not just streamlining restoration processes; you’re elevating the entire claims experience. With our focus on initial attendance, Helio Restoration is your trusted ally, ensuring that claims are handled quickly and precisely, resulting in a smoother, more cost-effective restoration process.


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